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Transmuting ideas into technology


About us

We are developers, transmuting ideas into technological products. We have experience working in different scenarios with distinct technologies. In a connected, complex and dynamic world new problems are emerging that require technological solutions. As a result Khem Labs keeps on exploring, investigating and developing new techniques to convert each solution into a successful company.

Web & Mobile Applications

We create innovative solutions to enrich and enhance the user experience. We design mobile apps and web services. We connect microservices unifying communications.


We develop interactive experiences and games that run on the same web browser without installation. We also make versions for different devices (phones, consoles, etc.)

Customized solutions

We provide a team that will make an initial general review and present a development plan in phases, guiding throughout the creation process of the solution up to the final product.

Lucio Moya Farina

CEO & Founder

Pablo Gambetta

CPO & Co-Founder

Fernando Moya

Chief Financial Officer

Juan Luis Samos

Chief Investment Officer

Victoria Picchio

Planning & Project Manager




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